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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Technology Outcomes

Related (specific) Technology Outcome being integrated:

F1 1.2- The student will be able to apply terminology appropriate to the technologies being used at this division level.

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: 2


I would use PowerPoint to get my students interested in learning the terminology related to a computer. I would present many pictures of the computer and the parts of the computer to the students. As I present these photos, we would discuss them as a class- trying to figure out what the parts are and what they may be used for. After we discuss those images, they will be presented again but the screen will also have the terms (with correct spelling) beside the photos.

I would have my students draw a part of the computer that we learned about and create a short story about the life of that part. I would love to get my students to showcase this assignment because they will be able to see and hear what the other students chose an hopefully be able to remember the terminology because they saw and heard it being presented again in a different way by their peers. I feel this is important because they get the information interpreted, related and presented moreso at their level in relation to their life. I hope this may set the stage for relating the material to their life/level so they may be able to remember it.

Technology Integration

What is it?
Basically, it is what is says it is; integrating technology.

I will discuss integrating technology into classrooms.

What makes good technology integration? Well, I believe that good technology integration is when all students are involved. This may mean that all students in your classroom have the chance to use the computers and the internet throughout the week. This may mean that as a teacher, you need to plan lessons around the computer lab. Maybe you will have your students use the computer to make up a PowerPoint presentation. Maybe they will have blogs or class email. Maybe for one class, you just require some assignments to be completed using a rubric designed for using Microsoft Word. I believe that integrating technology is not limited to computers and the internet; there are many forms of technology that can be used.

Technology integration is another way to provide students with information and allow them to use the same processes to show their understanding of the material. Good technology integration is when it is used a tool in the classroom and the students are able to manipulate it to advance their skills and interest in a growing dimension of society.

Technology integration gone badly is when the students do not get involved. No matter what way one chooses to use technology in the classroom, it is important that the students are involved and they are aware of how and why it is being used. One way a teacher may be able to get all the students involved would be to give the students choices for using technology to do some assignments. For example, a teacher assigns a project that must be completed using either a video camera, a slideshow using PowerPoint, or a typed up response and presentation of that information. All three choices involve technology but also enable the students to choose a method by their own personal interest and a mode of how they may learn best according to their own learning style!
I believe that a poor way to integrate technology is when the teacher is misinformed or has a lack of knowledge about the portion of technology that he/she is integrating into the classroom. It is my belief that one whould not integrate technology if the teacher is anware of how to use it! This brings me to a few barriers which I believe exist when discussing technology integration in the classroom.

There are barriers to integrating technology that exist more often than not. One huge barrier that I can think of would be lack of resources. Some schools just do not have sufficient funds to provide every student of a 38 student class their own computer. The lack of funds, however, does not stop there. Maybe the school doesn’t have the money to provide the latest software.
Another huge barrier besides lack of resources is lack of time. It can be difficult to find enough time to allow students to use the technology in the school. Perhaps there is only lab that has to be shared all throughout the school.

There maybe another barrier in the sense that teacher training in the latest of technology may be limited. The teacher must read up and learn about technology in order to keep up with the students.
It seems that many barriers exist when discussing integrating technology into classrooms; however, there is nothing wrong with supporting the use of any technology in the classroom and inspiring students to explore the many avenues of technology outside the classroom!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blogging in Education

This is my first experience of blogging. I had never even heard of the term until literally the third week of August of this year. I first heard of blogging because two of my friends are going to Europe and are using a Blog to journal their trip. Since they have been gone, I have visited their Blog many times to be kept up to date on their journey across seas.

I am finding this blogging experience to be quite interesting because I do not generally consider myself user friendly with respect to information technology. I have thought of myself as having a very basic knowledge of computers and use of the internet and email. However, since I have made my own blog I am feeling like I have a new found self esteem! I never really understood how easy it can be to discover and utilize new technologies. I have always had the opinion that computer stuff is so difficult and that I would never be able to do it.

Now that I have a new impression about another way in which, as a teacher, I could incorporate computers and the internet into my teaching, I will be quite happy to try it with a drama class, for instance.

I would think that it may be intersting for High School Drama students to journal their progress throughout a semester of drama using a Blog. Drama is one of those subjects where journaling success isn't uncommon. It might be interesting to post those entries on a blog instead of hand writing them. I could give little assignments where a response could be posted under a different title. This would make journaling, a part of the class generally disliked by students, interesting and may also boost thier confidence in using technology as it has for me!

This may also give the students a chance to feel unthreatened to communicate with his/her peers. We may be able to set up chat boxes where the students may be able to communicate ideas and gice helpful hints or opinions about certain aspects of the class. Blogging may also be helpful because it is a published work that looks very "professional". This visual aspect of a Blog may aid in giving the students pride in their work. I know I am going to give my blogging address to my parents for them to look over!

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