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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Technology Outcomes

Related (specific) Technology Outcome being integrated:

F1 1.2- The student will be able to apply terminology appropriate to the technologies being used at this division level.

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: 2


I would use PowerPoint to get my students interested in learning the terminology related to a computer. I would present many pictures of the computer and the parts of the computer to the students. As I present these photos, we would discuss them as a class- trying to figure out what the parts are and what they may be used for. After we discuss those images, they will be presented again but the screen will also have the terms (with correct spelling) beside the photos.

I would have my students draw a part of the computer that we learned about and create a short story about the life of that part. I would love to get my students to showcase this assignment because they will be able to see and hear what the other students chose an hopefully be able to remember the terminology because they saw and heard it being presented again in a different way by their peers. I feel this is important because they get the information interpreted, related and presented moreso at their level in relation to their life. I hope this may set the stage for relating the material to their life/level so they may be able to remember it.


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