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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping is a tool that can be used for students. This tool can be used to illustrate knowledge, brainstorm ideas, study for exams and much more.

Some advantages of Concept Mapping are:
-the concept maps can be used to share ideas and knowledge.
-they can show a basic understanding of a topic.

-if sone well, they can show a deep understanding of a topic.
-it can be a clear indication of knowledge.

-it is an easy way for students to see what they know.
-it can be easy for students to see what knowledge they are missing about a topic.
-it is a quick activity.

Some disadvantages of Concept Mapping are:
-they rarely demonstrate a deep understanding of a topic.
-they can be intimidating for students.
-not all students like them or find them easy to use.

In teaching my major, drama, I would probably use Concept Maps to understand a play. These Concept Maps could be used to show character development. I would also use them to study for an exam. As a teacher, I could get my students to add to their knowledge of what a concept map is using the internet. I would have them Google Concept Maps to learn more about them. I would suggest they look up examples of Concept Maps. We would use them in the classroom and I would suggest they use this tool to study for an exam. I would definitely use this tool in many of the classes I am sure I will teach- I have used this tool since I was little and I know it is useful!

General Outcome C4: Students will use organizational processes and tools to manage inquiry.


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