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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Module 6- Spreadsheets and Graphing

Spreadsheets are an excellent source for students. They can provide students with a source to help organize schedules, grades, assignments, allowance and so on. Within the classroom, however, spreadsheets can be more valuable. For example, spreadsheets can be used to create timelines. They are also excellent for marketing assignments, CALM classes... Math classes are an excellent reason to integrate spreadsheets (problem solving, organizing formulas, probability and statistics...).
I believe that graphing also plays an integral part in math classes. If you look below, Michelle and I found an excellent site to aid students in creating graphs.

I would introduce the use of spreadsheets through a three part module. The first part would consist of a tutorial, which would be set up as a class activity with the focus on learning the skills collaboratively. Using Excel projected onto a screen, the class would monitor the teacher's
steps as they together create a spreadsheet. The students would choose a fun topic such as "planning a party" to make the learning more fun and interesting.

Module 2 would utilize the following online tutorial instructing students how to make a spreadsheet: (using an excel
worksheet- entering and editing data)
Module 3 would require the student to apply the new knowledge of spreadsheets for a math lesson. For example: "The local zoo requires the purchase of new animals. You have a budget of
$20,000 to spend." You can choose from a list of animals:

Zebras- $500 each
Lions- $900 each
Penguins- $399 each
Deer- $50 each
Monkeys-$319 each
Crocodiles- $495 each
Pandas- $1000 each
Flamingos- $298 each

You are required to decided and budget how many of each animal you would like to purchase.
In Excel, create a spreadsheet using this data. Make sure you use a title and your name. You must include proper columns and rows (such as animal of choice, the price, amount of animals, sum of purchase for each animal, and total purchase.) Make note not to go over budget.
I would also require the students to hand in a summary explaining their choices.

Check THIS site out: We (Michelle Katchur and I) found this great website. It is and excellent source for creating graphs.

**Please note- I worked with my classmate, Michelle Katchur, on this assignment, therefore, there will be similarities within our blogs for this module.


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