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Friday, October 21, 2005

Web Awareness and WebQuests


Effective webquests have a very easy to read layout. The instructions are clear and there are many, many links available to choose from for research. Of the webquests that I have browsed, it seems to me that webquests are very common and quite useful and can be very enjoyable for students. They would save a lot of time with regards to planning; the lesson is already planned and the students are required to read through and complete the steps with the information given! Using webquests would be beneficial to the students because it allows them to work at their own pace and the teacher would be available to answer any questions and give help when needed. One major downside that I can think of for using webquests is lack of computer time and the lack of available, working computers.

I would love to use webquests for a language arts class, of any level. I think they would be so interesting to use for students when they are required to complete a novel study and research their novel, the author, time period... This would also tie in quite nicely with drama because I could use webquests in the same fashion to research playwrites, plays, time periods... (ie: Shakespeare.)

Web Awareness

Use of technology within the realm of the classroom is still relatively new. Technology changes almost by the second and it is important to know some basic rules of thumb to protect oneself- especially online. Having said that, it is far more important as a teacher to educate my students on safety so they are aware how dangerous technology can be if it is not used in a correct manner. Computers and the internet are becoming more common in the classroom- students are interested in this technology and so we, as teachers, have to implement ICT Outcomes into the curriculum.

As an educator, it is my job to instruct students how to filter through the information on the web and take only the information that is accurate and worthwhile. It is also important to inform them about plagarism and copyrights- it can still occur on the net- and it will still get you into trouble. It is important to demonstrate browing techniques and what to do if you accidentely come across inappropriate information.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Hi Krystal:
Spectacular! You have created a first-rate blog based on your work with computer technology in education. All activities were completed on time and met the criteria for this course.
Congratulations and best wishes for your upcoming Practicum in Professional Semester I.


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